Located at a distance of around 20km from Lonavala, Pawna Lake is a campers paradise. It reflects itself as someone drew it within the kind of a canvas painting. It’s everywhere enclosed by high towering hills and witnesses a pleasing climate throughout the year. Reaching Pawna Lake is not longer an unresolved mystery. With the advancement within the field of science and technology, traveling to Pawna Lake is simplified you’ll be able to either take a road route or travel via railways to the current fantastic getaway location.

From Mumbai

If your start line is that of the metropolitan town of Mumbai, you have got to cover a distance of around 117 km to achieve Pawna Lake.

By Road

It will take close to 2 hours and 41 minutes for you to achieve your final destination via road. There are 2 routes to achieve Pawna from Mumbai – Dudhiware Khind Route and Kamshet route. the previous one is approx 108 km whereas the later one accounts for a small amount longer route measure 122 km long.

Dudhiware Khind Route

This is the shortest route to take you to Pawna Lake. However, check for the road conditions close to Lonavala. don’t be afraid as there aren’t any ghats on this route. Yet, roads along Ambegaon have a lot of twists and turns with puddles. Major checkpoints on this route are Mumbai, Lonavala, Bhangarwadi, Dudhiware Khind, and at last Pawna Lake.

Kamshet Route

Measuring around 122 km, crucial checkpoints here are Mumbai, Lonavala (Old Mumbai-Pune Highway), Kamshet, Pavananagar, and at last Pawna Lake. A standard non-air-conditioned cab shall charge you around 9 INR per kilometer whereas a much bigger taxi might charge 11-12 INR per kilometer. Charges vary in accordance with the amendment in seasons.

By Train

For covering your Mumbai- Pawna Lake distance via train, you have got to board a specific train from Mumbai. Get down at Lonavala and from there, rent a personal car to require you to the Pawna Lake. Your Mumbai to Lonavala distance is around 100 km, and also the remainder of your journey (30 km) shall be via roads from Lonavala to Pawna Lake. Trains are on the market available each 45 to 60 minutes. Once you get down at Lonavala, it’s sensible if you ride a shared car. It might value you around 2000 INR for a one-way trip, and you’ll be able to accommodate up to 10 members at a time. You’ll be able to additionally book for a trip at a reduced price (if applicable).

By Bus

For people who like better to travel via bus, there are day non-public buses running between Mumbai and Lonavala. Once you get down at Lonavala, you wish to rent a personal cab for your remaining journey.

From Pune

If Pune is your place to begin, then you are doing not ought to worry abundant about traveling as Pawna Lake is at a distance of around 57.4km from Pune city.

By Road

For people who are reaching to like roadways, you have got only 1 choice, i.e. Kamshet route. Major checkpoints on this route are Pimpri Chinchwad, Kamshet, Pawnanagar and at last Pawna Lake.

By Train

Pune has its own intracity railway services to require you to completely different locations. You wish to go towards the Pune railroad terminal and ride a train for Kamshet, get down at Kamshet railroad terminal and rent a car from there to require you to the Pawna Lake. Trains run once every 45 minutes. Pawna lake campsites are placed at a distance of approx. 22km from the Kamshet railroad terminal. So, your one-way car trip shall value you around 1000 to 1500 INR.


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