Event Celebration At Darknight Pawna Camping

Get a passionate campsite for your company camping event at Pawna lake. Corporate event success is contributed to by several factors, however, one amongst the most important components of making an event successful is what you as a client can do to make sure that. As a client, you’ve got expectations.

you want to arrange an incredible event for your clients during a cost-effective manner and generate maximum come back on investment out of doing this. You want them to expect better and additional when they attend your company’s next event.

Trust your event camping planner

This we list down 1st as a result of it is that critical to make sure a successful event. Team outing is that the most simply accessible form of outing any corporate group finds. watching movies, having dinner at the lakeside, sipping cocktails at a lounge are some of the ways that where a team outing is completed. However, several corporate groups additionally like spending time with their employees doing little different activities, enjoying some games at a special location.

Pawna lake camping satisfies all the need for a perfect corporate outing. With a campground located simply beside the lake to freshen up the employees in an instant. to interact with the employees in a playful manner, Pawna lake camping has organized activities like sport, rifle shooting, commando net, and fishing.

This campground also has open space to enjoy the outdoor team games of cricket and football. These are the best games to interact with every individual in a group activity promoting unity, bonding, focus, and motivation. Pawna lake camping also promotes water activity like kayaking. This induces a thrill of adventure amongst the employees. It also, make sure the event isn’t monotonous and provides ample opportunity to enjoy completely.

Pawna lake camping also provides a helper on prior request. Team building games like a traffic jam, water relay, treasure hunt, human caterpillar race, and lots of additional are played. The role of the helper is to watch the working of each individual/ team and make constructive comments on it. This influences the team/ individual to plan of the box and find out hidden qualities among them and others. Thus, give a good learning experience to the employees creating it an unforgettable one.

Food is the essential element of any event, be it corporate or personal gathering. Pawna lake camping offers delicious food cooked country style served in buffet system. the selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes provides a pleasant challenge to the taste buds. This campsite is well-lighted at night because it has a power back up of a generator. Thus, making the experience and also the event completely hassle-free. With all the aspects being covered, Pawna lake camping is doubtless the right destination for a perfect corporate team outing.

The New Year 2021 Celebration Near Lonavala

Wild lake camping is the venue celebrating your New Year 2021 with a bang. Here is that the best place to spend New Year and start a brand new year on a happy note. Crazy dance, fabulous fireworks display at nighttime, tent stay, music concerts hosting best artists – the one-day one-night event is popularly known as Pawna lake camping New Year celebrations 2021. the New Year 2021 celebration also will include adventurous experiences of dive into the freezing chills of the Pawna lake with tent stay. some of the most effective new years eve parties within the Pawna are held here. thus do not wait and book now, limited tents are available.


Pawna Lake Camping Events

Friendship day event at Pawna Lake, birthday celebration, Valentine Day celebrations at Pawna lake camping sites are sometimes fun and amusing for attendees, and you wouldn’t need to miss it. Thus you’ll be able to set up towards any major event and book ahead to have a fun-filled outing with family friends or colleagues. These events sometimes have lots of people attending, and if you don’t book on time you would possibly not have any space left for you. Because more people book already the event at that time.

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Camp with bus parking and comfortable toilet facilities for big groups. Make a corporate camping inquiry at Pawna lake.

Tips & Restrictions

  1. Do not misbehave with other people at the Campsite.
  2. Going into the lake water is strictly prohibited.
  3. The tent cannot move from one place to another place after it set.
  4. not vandalize any private property at the camping place.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the tent and in public and can be offensive for other peoples.
  6. Do not carry valuable things like jewelry or any other things.
  7. We do not give a guarantee of Bonfire and outdoor activities in the rainy season.

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