Are you looking for a rejuvenating outing at the weekend trip? Do you wish to breathe fresh air and enjoy the serenity of nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Camping near Pawana Lake is the perfect spot to enjoy the gift of Mother Nature. Watch the sunrise and sunset and live the zest and zeal of nature. It is an ideal nature place untouched by the feet of commercialization.
Pawana Lake is nestled amongst the breath-taking Sahadyri mountain ranges of the Western Ghats. Pawana Lake has the best natural sights to offer with the sight, smells, and sound of nature to give you an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your weekend trip with us.

The Sights of the Pawana Lake Camp

The gorgeous views of the hills and valleys surrounding the Pawana Lake camp will surely enchant its visitors. It is truly nature’s paradise. The luscious green lakeside camp is home to a rich variety of flora and fauna of the different flowers and trees.
The Pawana lake camp offers a captivating view of Mother Nature and nearby historical forts like Tikona and Tung Fort. These are surely going to capture the photographer’s gallery.

The beautiful sounds of the Lakeside camp at Pawana Lake

In our busy modern lives, it is difficult to enjoy nature’s varied symphonic noises. Whether it is the sound of the whispering wind or the chirping of the birds and crickets. Nature is filled with beautiful sounds that make sweet music to the ears. Nature’s sound is too soothing for the mind. To hear the symphonic music of nature, a camp side weekend trip at Pawana Lake should be your stop.

The Smell of nature

The sense of smell is quite strong for nature. Surrounded by the natural scents and the clean air of nature will make you feel refreshed. The irresistible bouquet of flowers is a treat to your senses near the Pawana Lake. Along with it, there is the scent of the woods and earth to transport you to the world of blissful heaven.

The Experience at Pawana Lake Campsite

The glorious sights, smells and sounds of nature, the Pawana Lake camp will be a blissful experience and refreshing too. You will surely have a gala time at the camp side breathing the crisp cool air and watching the calm ripples on the surface of the serene lake.
The setting up of the camp, and story sessions around the campfire with the relishing barbeque dinner and fun treks are surely the highlights of the weekend trip at Pawana Lake. If you are looking out for a glorious experience of the sights, sounds, and the smells of nature along with a perfect entertainment experience, then the Pawana Lake camp is the perfect gateway for the weekends which is quite budget-friendly too. So why look further for?

Pawana Lake is a great option for camping in Mumbai. With a plethora of beautiful things to experience in Pawana Lake near Lonavala, it is time to pack your bags and spend your weekend at the campsite.
If you are not the one to stay a night in a camp, there are various luxurious Pawna lake stay hotels and resorts. These Pawanaa lake resorts are modern and equipped with the luxurious of all sorts for the most blissful stay experience.

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